Dear members and friends.​

TML truly formed and was started when a small group of people gathered under Loie’s house in Kairi. Eventually they found a home at The Shed, and the Vibe for muso’s and music lovers grew at The Shed over the next few years. People from all walks of life gathered there to share their music and enthusiasm and knowledge.
At the helm...Loie McAdam The dream changed locations and the Shed became The ORB. We were "Moving the Groove!" and with members and volunteers we did it!! Life as we know it has now changed.

Due to the unforeseen closure of The ORB because of the corona virus and the unsustainable overheads involved in operating the Club, we have decided to move to another suitable and more sustainable location. If we had not got the generous donations, fundraising monies, new members and raffles last year the Club would not exist today. All was deeply appreciated . It's time to "Move the Groove" again. Again it is possible!!

TML is a Vibe, not a venue! No matter where we are, we are keeping the dream alive.
A dream that started under Loie’s home and grew and is still growing and evolving today.
TML is Still Here! And Long may we continue No matter what life throws at us , may there always be the Energy for the continuing and ever unfolding story.

The Grand Hotel will be the next new home for TML. We will keep you posted as this new chapter in TML life unfolds.

Music for Heath, Happiness & Healing!!
TML...Keeping the Dream Alive!!
Kindest Regards TML Committee

3rd June 2020