G'day Music Lovers,

Covid-19 awareness update 
Please help us help everyone stay safe by following the Government recommendations, and remember everyone is required to provide their contact information when entering our venue.
This can be by using the contactless Check-in Qld App. Use of the Check In Qld app is optional for customers. If you don’t  want to use the app, you must still provide your contact information by other means at the door. Our door persons can assist.
Please familiarise yourself with the latest restrictions that affect our region which can be seen in the attached image or by visiting > https://www.covid19.qld.gov.au/government-actions/roadmap-to-easing-queenslands-restrictions

==This week at The Grand===
SHARE Thursday
Each Thursday from 1pm 'til 3pm  at the Grand Hotel, TML hosts the SHARE event.
Gold Coin Entry  
This is open to everyone and all abilities.
Come along and SHARE your journey in music with others, make new friends
and have a great new experience.
Sat 7 August 2021 • A Street Band
APA Theatre • Tickets $20 each
A Street Band with Nicole Willinger and Dave Kinmonth
Supported by Rhylee Wilkinson
A TML Fund Raiser event.
Book now >    https://bit.ly/astreet821

============ COMING SOON ================
Thursday 12th August 2021 • The Grand Hotel
7pm - 10pm • $10/$5
Unwholesome tunes filling yer ears with punk wax.
ADAM PLANT - Hauntingly bad stand-up.
Somewhere in the wasteland between standup comedy & performance art, between beauty & beast, and between jobs...
Certified non-achiever ADAM PLANT and his puppet pal HARDY SLERG make noise which some people laugh at.

22nd August 2021 - Blackboard Jam Session
The Top Pub - Ravenshoe - 2-5pm
Gold Coin Donation
Join local musicians for a blackboard session at Qld's Highest Pub.


Due to the government's Covid-safe capacity restrictions on venues, the following events listed below all require pre-booking via our ticket links.
Tickets are already selling, please book yours soon to avoid disappointment.
27th August 2021 - The Grand - From 7:30pm
$20 entry
Melbourne based singer, Julian James, is no stranger to the blues...blues, intertwined with the twang of country and the upbeat notes of more contemporary sound.
Book now >   https://bit.ly/jj27821


4th September 2021 • Rockin' Blues Nite
Irvinebank • Tickets $40 each
Tablelands Music Lovers 'Music On the Move' initiative brings us to the historic town of Irvinebank & into the School of Arts Hall
for an afternoon and night of (mostly) Blues'n'rock music provided by the one and only 8 Ball Aitken and supported by
The Billy Turner Trio and Kim Parker's No Requests. During the afternoon we will run a Blackboard session for local and
visiting musos to have a 20 minute spot on stage. There will be food available and a bar.  Also, free o/n camping is available.
Book now > https://bit.ly/rbn4sept

23rd Sept 2021 • KALLIDAD
The Grand Hotel • Atherton
Tickets $20 each.
The Boys Are Back in Town for a special evening concert at The Grand on Thursday 23rd September.  
Fast, furious, Spanish guitar inspired music to get everybody rocking! Suitable for ages 1-1001
Book now >    https://bit.ly/kali239

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