Dear Members,

TML is on the Move Again.

The time has come again for TML to go into hibernation.

Until these winds of uncertainty find a new direction we will be putting all our

equipment into storage and moving out of the Grand Hotel. Our stay there has been both challenging and rewarding as it has given everyone a place to make music and hang out with friends.

Now it’s time to move on and find our own unique venue that is waiting for us somewhere out there in the future. For the moment the rent and lack of people getting out and about has forced our hand on moving to cheaper digs. (Storage shed)

We anticipate that this could be from a couple of months to however long it takes to find a new home.

In the meantime we have a few projects in the pipeline that we will talk about in the coming weeks.

We are hoping to find a new venue in Atherton (preferably) where we can set up the club and run regular gigs and possibly a Sunday afternoon jam session or Open Mic Nights. A stage and bar would be essential to create the vibe that we wish to reclaim.

If you know of any suitable venues that would be available please let us know.

Don’t forget membership renewals are now due for 2022, memberships play an important role in keeping the club unified and helps us pay bills like storage rent until we can start earning revenue again.


Colin Trigwell (President)