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======THIS WEEK AT THE GRAND========
SHARE Thursday
Each Thursday from 1pm 'til 3pm  at the Grand Hotel, TML hosts the SHARE event.
Gold Coin Entry  
This is open to everyone and all abilities.
Come along and SHARE your journey in music with others, make new friends
and have a great new experience.


Blackboard Sessions - Country Music theme. 18th June 2021.
The Grand Hotel.    $5 entry. Card carrying members: Gold Coin.
Musicians please reserve your slot here (only 2 spots remain open at time of writing!)
► https://trybooking.com/BSDRU

Friday 25th June • 7:30pm • Grand Hotel.
Entry $15 - $10 members
PolyMantra, Steve Roberts and Daniel Gileppa create and perform 'prog-fusion' using sequencers, synthesisers, guitar and vocals.PolyMantra will take you on a trip through magical, uncharted landscapes.  Supported by Ravenshoe's 'Chaotic Disturbance'.


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